GPU Mining + Supercomputers

Our core business developed around building world-class desktop computers to support the growth of distributed computing, scientific research, and blockchain development.

Whether you want to turn a profit, help blockchain projects gain traction, or engage in AI/big data processing, we have the capacity to create anything - including designs that have never been tried before. 

With the future in mind, in 2017 we pioneered the creation of liquid-cooled GPU mining rigs. Now, starting in 2018, we're unveiling brand new HPC (high performance computing) GPU-based servers that double as crypto-mining powerhouses. 

Tech + Crypto Consulting Services

Artesian Future Technology offers one-of-a-kind crypto-consulting services to optimize existing hardware & software; whether or not you bought it from us! We'll even help you learn more about the world of cryptocurrency and/or guide you through the process of setting up wallets, using exchanges, and trading crypto assets. 

Our technical service team is bonded and insured against all liability; meaning that any work we do for you (esp. inside a client system/through remote terminals) is secured by service guarantees and the legal backing of the Hartford Insurance Company - one of the largest providers of commercial liability insurance in the US.

Cloud Mining

In the latter half of 2018 we are launching a powerful cloud mining service that allows prospectors of any budget to get started mining. By buying "shares" of mining power on our hosted hardware, you aren't locked into one hardware ecosystem - and can still take full advantage of the power of GPUs. Please message us with your interest to be put on the waiting list for this service.

You may also commence mining right now by investing in 2/4/6/8+ GPUs in fully-built-out hosted systems. 

With industry leading 100% up-time, you gain peace of mind knowing your equipment is mining for you day and night. If you'd prefer to host your own hardware in the cloud, we'd be happy to construct brand new purpose-built machines for you and co-locate them in a facility of your choosing.

Custom Solutions

Want something not mentioned elsewhere?
Artesian Future Technology is building the future with custom computers built on open-platform hardware and solid computer fundamentals. Our most popular products are cryptocurrency mining rigs, custom gaming computers, and research computers, but we can build a wide range of systems including NAS boxes, GPU supercomputers, workstations for design/modeling, and bespoke projects inside our Volta V chassis. 

We can even build analog hardware prototypes or modify computer chassis using 3D printed and laser cut parts. Looking for inspiration? Brand your business or anything else on the front of a rig frame or server case, or even the grain-matched front panel of the Volta V. Truly one-of-a-kind hardware is now within reach. 

Volta V - the sustainable hardwood PC

Inspired by the beauty and longevity of handmade wooden furniture, the unibody chassis is made from domestically-sourced, selectively-cut timber in the USA. Every aspect of its construction involves personal attention to detail and quality.

Artesian Future Technology is proud to partner with CDO Technology, the original creators of the Volta V. Their amazing concept from the east coast has found a welcoming second home in our west coast workshop. Volta V machines will always be hand-made by our professional engineers and artisans; never an assembly line overseas. Together, we’re bringing long-lasting computer hardware to San Francisco.

Every Volta V case prevents 30-40 pounds of iron ore from being mined. 


Volta details

The Volta V case comes in 3 standard wood types: Cherry, Sapele, and Walnut (from light to dark). Other hardwoods and even bamboo are available upon request. The case can even be made from customer-provided wood samples. 

From light office use to heavy production, video editing, and even high-performance gaming, the Volta remains quiet, cool, and dependable. A liquid cooled processor is standard, along with Noctua fans and a Gold-certified Corsair power supply. 

Standing just 5.5 inches tall, the Volta is portable and effortlessly minimalist - perfect for the modern desk. 


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Large Scale Installations & Data Center Co-Location Available

  To learn more, visit the full listings for:   * Data center co-location  *  Mining farm installations.  

To learn more, visit the full listings for:
* Data center co-location
* Mining farm installations. 

AFT - server chassis examples_simplerfied.png

Server Solutions

8xGPU - 6U (up to 3000W) and 4U (up to 1600W) configurations add flexibility in our custom chassis. Client-specific arrangements for even higher density and power are also available. 

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