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Tech Consulting / Warranties / Programs

Thanks to our multi-state tech support team, you can get help any day of the week should you need it. From warranties to upgrades to remote assistance, we’ve got you covered. Real humans. Never robots.

We’ll also be launching programs in the coming weeks that allow exclusive benefits/rewards! Stay tuned for details.

Hardware with Limitless Potential

We build computers for: designers, gamers, researchers, scientists, enthusiasts, and anyone interested in high performance machinery. With deep expertise in liquid cooling, packaging, industrial design, hardware, 3D printing, and other fields, our team is prepared to build anything you need.

No other company on the planet offers the level of customization we do: from GPU supercomputers to workstations for design/modeling, and bespoke projects inside the wooden Volta V just to name a few.

Secure Online Payment Options

We accept a wide range of payments, and have a full paper trail for every single part that leaves our workshop.

Building with us allows you to avoid dangerous “blind trades” on sites like Craigslist or Ebay. Know EXACTLY what goes into your machine, down to the nuts and bolts. Want an easier way to pay? We have a variety of options for individuals and businesses.

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Pay over time thanks to Square.

Available to all customers. As low as $0 up front.

Custom computers - for every niche and need

While we have a pedigree when it comes to mining machines, our hardware expertise allows us to create PCs that become works of art, bringing aesthetic refinement and careful brand choices to the forefront. We’ll never race to the bottom to build machines for you — we only use the best of the best when picking parts.

ASUS, Corsair, EVGA, NZXT, Fractal, and more - we’re obsessed with quality and it shows in everything we do.

Custom work is our bread and butter, of course, so take inspiration from our galleries or from around the web and let us know how we can help you bring your computing dreams to life.

Inquire today. Have a PC on your desk in a week or two. We’ll even recommend desks, chairs, and peripherals.


Not just for gamers…

Photographers, Designers, animators, scientists, media makers, etc. - rejoice!

Here at Artesian FT we leverage a combined 40 years of computer building experience to deliver unparalleled service when constructing custom PCs for our clients. We’ve built for everyone from wedding photographers to 3D modelers, competitive gamers to casual movie watchers, zoologists to climatologists… and everything in between.

We know what it takes to produce excellent hardware and every custom PC we build involves a conversation with our team. We’re also happy to build a variety of standard models based on what we believe to be the best available options for a wide range of budgets.

Every single PC we build involves hand-craftsmanship that hasn’t been seen in the computer hardware industry in a long, long time.

Send us a message and let’s get started.


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Volta V - the sustainable hardwood PC

Inspired by the beauty and longevity of handmade wooden furniture, the unibody chassis is made from domestically-sourced, selectively-cut timber in the USA. Every aspect of its construction involves personal attention to detail and quality.

Artesian Future Technology is proud to partner with CDO Technology, the original creators of the Volta V. Their amazing concept from the east coast has found a welcoming second home in our west coast workshop. Volta V machines will always be hand-made by our professional engineers and artisans; never an assembly line overseas. Together, we’re bringing long-lasting computer hardware to San Francisco.

Every Volta V case prevents 30-40 pounds of iron ore from being mined. 


Volta details

The Volta V case comes in 3 standard wood types: Cherry, Sapele, and Walnut (from light to dark). Other hardwoods and even bamboo are available upon request. The case can even be made from customer-provided wood samples. 

From light office use to heavy production, video editing, and even high-performance gaming, the Volta remains quiet, cool, and dependable. A liquid cooled processor is standard, along with Noctua fans and a Gold-certified Corsair power supply. 

Standing just 5.5 inches tall, the Volta is portable and effortlessly minimalist - perfect for the modern desk. 


The Artesian FT Builder Map

The AFT Builder Map displays locations where we have local builders able to build amazing computer systems on demand. Want to add your city to the map and join our team? Reach out!

The AFT Builder Map displays locations where we have local builders able to build amazing computer systems on demand. Want to add your city to the map and join our team? Reach out!

See the ARtesian ‘A’… that means we’re local, anywhere you need us to be.

We manage the business in San Francisco, but our trusted network of builders live around the country and build machines under our banner/brand. Payment and processing is managed centrally from our San Francisco HQ, so you never need to worry about messy cash exchanges or “trust trades”. You get the benefit of a personal transaction and the advantages of a professional company backing every build.

You dream it; we build it - using only the world’s top brands and a keen eye for design.

Every cable managed. Every LED illuminated. Every time.


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